Col Joye

Col Joye is a legend and icon of Australian music. Col was there in rock'n'roll's infancy in the 1950's and with The Joy Boys became a household name through TV shows like "Bandstand". He played an important role in the early career of the Bee Gees but it wasn't until the 1970's that he had his biggest hit with "Heaven Is My Womans Love" as Col Joye explains.

Yvonne Elliman

Hawaiian singer/songwriter Yvonne Elliman is best remembered for her successes in the 1970's. Discovered in London by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber she featured on the concept album, in the touring production and also starred in the movie version of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Later she went on to be part of Eric Clapton's solo success and famously collaborated with the Bee Gees.

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