Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac

Bands don't come much bigger than Fleetwood Mac. Co-founder Mick Fleetwood always has plenty of hit stories and did you know that he played on a huge Warren Zevon hit? What about Mick Fleetwood's acting role as an alien? "Rhiannon", "The Chain" and "Tusk" are a few of the hits discussed in this chat from 2003 as the Mac toured for the "Say You Will" album.

Bob Welch

Largely remembered for his solo career, the late Bob Welch also played a pivotal role in the history of Fleetwood Mac. In this interview Bob talks about his time with Fleetwood Mac plus provides the stories behind his solo hits including "Precious Love" and "Sentimental Lady". The singer/songwriter also reveals what led him to write his biggest hit, "Ebony Eyes".

John Stewart

Remember the Kingston Trio? That group gave this singer his first taste of fame. The late John Stewart also wrote one of the best loved hits of The Monkees. In the 70's he charted with his song "Gold", but possibly his most moving story is how his records were burnt in protest when a line he wrote in 1969 was taken the wrong way.

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