Slim Jim Phantom from The Stray Cats

Slim Jim Phantom is best known as the Stray Cats drummer. This American rockabilly band first found fame in the UK after being produced by Dave Edmunds. Jim explains how they met Dave, why his drumming style is different to most and which music legends influenced the Stray Cats. Also hear the story behind their hit "Runaway Boys".


Sting and The Police were labelled New Wave when they first emerged in the UK but did they ever consider themselves to be "punk"? Sting has his say on that, talks about the famous desk where he once wrote songs, reminisces about the legendary 60's band that played at his wedding and tells how he came to record with Dire Straits.

Joe Camilleri

Few Australian musicians have had the success and longevity enjoyed by Joe Camilleri. In the 70's his band Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons enjoyed the type of success which the Black Sorrows enjoyed in the late 80's and early 90's. He claims they always struggled to find hit singles but there was one they didn't even want to include on an album!

Jenny Morris

Born in New Zealand but it was in Australia that Jenny Morris's fame really peaked. Beginning with the success of her band QED and remembered for solo hits such as "Break In The Weather" and the Neil Finn penned "You I Know", Jenny was twice awarded the title of "Australia's Best Female Artist" in the 1980's.

Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker was a rocker who sang one of the most tender hits of all time. Hear how his take on a Beatles' song broke new ground and that his career longevity defied expectations. In the 70's he was known for his hard living and was once deported for his behaviour. Joe also tells what it was like being in New York City on September 11, 2001.

INXS’s Tim Farriss

The stories on the career of Australian supergroup INXS are numerous. Many were told in the TV mini-series "Never Tear Us Apart". You may have read even more of those stories in books and magazines articles on the band, but there's bound to be some you've missed in Ian Keenan's interview with INXS founder Tim Farriss.

Jona Lewie

British singer/songwriter Jona Lewie had his first international success out front of Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs, but it was his solo career that really put him on the map. The iconic "You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen at Parties" was followed by "Stop The Cavalry" and you'll still hear it's bugle intro played on UK radio each Christmas. Enjoy Jona Lewie's hit stories!

Paul Young

Everyone knows the Band Aid hit "Do They Know It's Christmas", but do you remember who sang the opening lines? Paul Young tells the story of how he was unintentionally given that honour. The stories behind his hits are covered as well as the voice issues that have been part of his lengthy career.

Diane Warren (Songwriter)

Nothing needs to be said to embellish the career of American songwriter Diane Warren, the facts speak for themselves. With an amazing list of song writing credits, arm loads of awards and a bank balance we could only guess at......its not surprising to hear the music industry call Diane Warren: "the most important songwriter in the world".

Goanna’s Shane Howard

Some people are just born storytellers. Goanna's Shane Howard has been telling stories for many years via his music. His songs have highlighted Aboriginal injustice as well as the plan in the 1980's to dam Tasmania's now World Heritage listed Franklin River. His hit stories reveal the great meaning behind his music and he has some great stories to tell. Enjoy!

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