Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music

What leads a teacher to change profession to musician? Bryan Ferry tells what happened in his case and discusses how a modest John Lennon tribute subsequently had a major effect on the career of Roxy Music.

John Paul Young

For a time during the 1970's in Australia it appeared that John Paul Young could do no wrong. Hit after hit came easily with the help of producers/songwriters Harry Vanda and George Young. You can hear some of Harry's recollections here but DON'T miss any of JPY's own hit stories of the time. Especially interesting is the tale behind his very first chart success.

Leif Garrett

How easy is growing up in the glare of the spotlight? Rabid fans and the never ending demands of media and management - how difficult is that for a child to deal with? Leif Garrett was just 16 when he had his first hit record and much younger when his acting career got underway with the movie "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice".

Jona Lewie

British singer/songwriter Jona Lewie had his first international success out front of Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs, but it was his solo career that really put him on the map. The iconic "You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen at Parties" was followed by "Stop The Cavalry" and you'll still hear it's bugle intro played on UK radio each Christmas. Enjoy Jona Lewie's hit stories!

Jon English

Far too often our heroes are lost to us suddenly. Jon English was just 66 years old when surgery complications took his life in March of 2016. The Australian singer/songwriter was best known downunder but thanks to his role in a 70's TV mini series called "Against The Wind", the theme song "Six Ribbons" (which he helped write), gave him a degree of international fame.

Sir George Martin

Not a lot of people are lucky enough to live to the age of 90. Even fewer get to leave behind a catalogue of work that will stand the test of time. Sir George Martin accomplished both. He was the record producer behind The Beatles and a gentleman in every sense of the word. His hit stories are compulsive listening.

Status Quo’s Francis Rossi

There are plenty of great rock and roll bands but not many have created a new genre. Status Quo are acclaimed as the kings of "boogie rock". In the 70's they were distinctive for their denim, their singers' long blonde hair AND for their music. They've broken so many British chart records over the years that Francis Rossi almost gets embarrassed by it!

Paul Young

Everyone knows the Band Aid hit "Do They Know It's Christmas", but do you remember who sang the opening lines? Paul Young tells the story of how he was unintentionally given that honour. The stories behind his hits are covered as well as the voice issues that have been part of his lengthy career.

Gilbert O’Sullivan

"Clair", "Get Down", "Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day" and "Alone Again (Naturally)" were just some of the hits of Gilbert O'Sullivan.....but there could have been many more! Gilbert tells how ground-breaking legal action put his career on hold for a number of years and made him an "outsider" in the music industry, BUT permanently changed things for the better.

Gene Pitney

Another of the acts now starring in Rock and Roll Heaven is Gene Pitney. In 2006 he died doing what he loved - touring. Just hours after a UK concert he suffered a heart attack in his hotel room which brought to an end a 45 year music career. There were many hits over the years and Gene shares some great hit stories here.

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