Diane Warren (Songwriter)

Nothing needs to be said to embellish the career of American songwriter Diane Warren, the facts speak for themselves. With an amazing list of song writing credits, arm loads of awards and a bank balance we could only guess at......its not surprising to hear the music industry call Diane Warren: "the most important songwriter in the world".

Neil Sedaka

Considering his music career began in 1957 it is fairly impressive that he is still performing to large audiences in 2016. No doubt a large part of Neil Sedaka's ongoing appeal is his huge catalogue of million selling hits. That said, it hasn't been all plain sailing throughout his career as you will hear as Neil Sedaka shares his hit stories.

Tony Christie

As far as we know Tony Christie is the only English singer awarded the freedom of the city for Amarillo, Texas. Tony had a great run of hits in the early 70's and is also remembered for singing the theme to the British TV series "The Protectors" called "Avenues and Alleyways". Tony also has some great stories about the songs he knocked back......and shouldn't have!

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