Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb is the only artist ever to have received Grammy Awards for music, lyrics, and orchestration. Amazingly he has only ever had one of his songs go all the way to the top of the charts in the USA and it will probably be a surprise as to which one it is. He also has a great story about a visit to Galveston.

Wayne Fontana

Many singers have left their backing bands behind but few have done it in such a dramatic way as Wayne Fontana. He reveals why he left the Mindbenders, how two of the members went on to other successful groups and which hit song he turned down only to see it go to number one for another band from the same city as Wayne Fontana.

Boz Scaggs

Here's a man who became an overnight success AFTER five or six albums. "Silk Degrees" made Boz Scaggs a star thanks to classics like "Lido Shuffle", "What Can I Say" and "Lowdown". Boz discusses what made that album such a hit and reveals his favourite song from it.

Joe Camilleri

Few Australian musicians have had the success and longevity enjoyed by Joe Camilleri. In the 70's his band Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons enjoyed the type of success which the Black Sorrows enjoyed in the late 80's and early 90's. He claims they always struggled to find hit singles but there was one they didn't even want to include on an album!

Johnny Tillotson

Starting your music career in your hometown is exciting but Johnny Tillotson found most aspects of his career exciting and shares those memories. Johnny explains how he introduced an Australian talent to an American TV audience and is surprised to learn in this interview that a TV show he sang the theme for was also shown on the other side of the world.

Beatles’ author Larry Kane

Larry Kane was a young American radio news reporter in 1964 when chosen to tour around America with The Beatles. He wasn't impressed at first but soon became a fan and most recently he has featured in the Ron Howard documentary on the Fab Four tour of America called "Eight Days A Week". Beatles' fans can also hear Sir George Martin interviewed here.

Bobby Vee

On October 24, 2016 we lost Bobby Vee at the age of 73. He had an amazing career which really began with the sudden death of another rock and roll legend. Hear about his early days of touring and learn why he was so highly regarded. Also listen for Bobby Vee telling a great story about one of his biggest hits.

Andy Kim

The biggest hit that Andy Kim ever helped to write was a hit for someone else as you'll hear him explain. One of his songs was banned, whilst Andy Kim was told that his song "Rock Me Gently" would never be a hit......that was before it reached No1 in the USA!

Dave Edmunds

One of the early rock and roll records had a profound effect on a young Dave Edmunds as he tells in this interview. He also explains how his first hit came about almost inadvertently and shares a very funny story about a movie he was in with another rock and roll legend.

Middle Of The Road’s Sally Carr

Lots of bands break up whilst at their peak, but I can't recall many bands doing it for the same reasons as Sally Carr and Middle Of The Road. Sally, the band's singer, tell why she couldn't sing one of the band's biggest hits for about 15 years and how that led to Middle Of The Road splitting up.

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